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Production Manager

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We are looking for a Production Manager to join our growing company and to a highly experienced integration team. As a Production Manager, you will be in charge of integration engineers and be responsible for the full turnkey machines which been led by our subcontractors. You will work closely with the production manager in order to meet the company goals, provide and implement the required infrastructures in order to meet the yearly targets. The integration team leader's responsibility is for the manufactured system's compliance with the product specifications. Personal profiles: -Ability to work independently and as part of cross-functional teams. -Ability to work in multi-disciplinary environments (including SW, mechanics, lasers, and Electronics), hands-on approach – must. -Good interrelationship connections with various departments. Roles and Responsibility: -Team and resources management on a daily basis. -Determine the completion timeline and monitor progress to meet targets. -Control tasks progress and results of each team member and process. -Integrate Integration process automation (system book, data analysis). -Lead failure analysis investigations. -Lead and debug system issues and performance quality issues. -Integration process cycle time reduction. -Encourage innovation and ongoing process improvements. -Lead and implement new revisions changes, procedures changes within his discipline. -Support the field service group in customer technical issues, new installations, and onsite visits as required. Requirements: -B.Sc. in Electronics/ Mechanics -At least 7 years of experience in multi-disciplinary systems integration- must. -Ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks with strict deadlines -Experience from ODM/OEM companies- Advantage -Experience in implementing changes in the production line- must. -Proficient in English (speaking, reading, and drafting) -Experience in electrical documentation reading. CV:

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