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Who are we?

An extraordinary group of professionals with deep understanding of cyber security, technology, and business. We are experts with experience from the most sophisticated cyber entities in the world: former prominent figures in the Intelligence world, including Israeli Intelligence Agencies, CIA and British Intelligence Agencies as well as former executives in private companies such as Intel, Checkpoint, Cisco, Scitex and Vmware.


Meet our People - The Management

Yuval porat

Founder and CEO

Brings over 20 years of senior management experience across 2 careers: intelligence and business. strategy design, crisis management and business in private and government sectors as well as design and management of complex intelligence global tech operations.

Assaf Mor


Brings 25 years of startup and corporate experience, hands-on Firmware/SW/Algo development, R&D teams build-up and management, projects, product and customers management in large scales.

Eran Waldman


Brings over 20 years of financial management experience from startups and corporations. Served as CFO at Dome9 Ltd, and SysAid Technologies Ltd, responsible for all financial aspects, investor relations, legal and treasury.

Ilan Levanon


Brings over 30 years of senior experience from cutting-edge Israeli intelligence and security operations. Ilan served as Head of ISA Tech Division, leading and managing complex tech and cyber projects.

Daniel Finchelstein


Brings 20 years of high tech experience, including 15 years at Check Point Software Technologies where he led the development of sophisticated security products and 3 years as VP R&D at KAZUAR.

Vered Dassa Levy


Brings over 20 years of startup & corporate experience in management, security operations, people development, recruitment and culture building. Served a decade in El Al in various security management positions.

Security Committee

Board of Directors

Business Committee & Advisory Board

Shlomo Kalish

Founder of the Jerusalem Global Group and investor successful startups including Athoc, Creo, Galileo Semiconductor, Lumus-Vision, Mellanox Technologies, Moovit, QXL-Ricardo, Picture Vision, Primesense, Saifun Semiconductors and Wilocity.

Michael Ganser

Spent over 20 years with Cisco in several prominent roles including SVP of Cisco Central Europe, SVP of Cisco DACH, CEO & SVP of Cisco Germany Has a deep understanding of market transitions and business transformation and their impact on society and business.

Alon Sela

Brings 19 years of management experience with expertise in sales, account management, business development, and marketing in the IT industry. Extensive background in implementing strategies, generating demands, and identifying sales opportunities.

Yoav Chelouche

Brings over 30 years of experience in management and investments. Managing Partner of Aviv Venture Capital investing in tech companies. Served as President & CEO of Scitex corp. Board member of Check Point Software Technologies, Tower Semiconductor, Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

Peter Kadas

International financier, technology investor, senior advisor to one of the largest investment houses in Europe, prominent member of the investment community in Europe. Peter Kadas is also a philanthropist supporting innovative research at universities around the world.

Shai Livnat

Prominent member of Israeli business and industry leadership. Currently Co-Chairman at UPS and Quantum hub, Chairman of the Board at MedOne and Tikshuv, Board member at Taavura Holdings, GuardKnox Cyber Tech, UTI Israel, Grand Aoutomotive Serbia and more

Ofer Brandt

Brings over 30 years of actuarial and executive experience. Served as actuary with Liberty Life Insurance and as Chief Actuary, EVP and Management Board member of Clal Insurance. Currently serves as Chief Actuary and Senior Deputy to the Commissioner for Insurance Innovation at the Israel Capital Market Insurance and Savings Authority.

Ziv Hammer

Brings over 20 years of semiconductor design industry experience with a unique blend of technology, people, and business expertise across Wireless, CPU, and SOC domains. Serves as SVP, IoT Compute and Wireless R&D at Cypress semiconductor. Previously was VP and GM of IA Core Group at Intel Corporation.

Pascal Boris

Mr. Boris is an active business angel. CEO of BNP Paribas UK (1999–2007) and of BNP Paribas Suisse (2007–2013), currently serves as non-executive director on several boards.


6 years ago, we foresaw the rise of state-level sophisticated attacks that would render the current cyber security approach ineffective.

We founded KAZUAR based on our unrivalled track-record in large scale cyber-intelligence and business operations.


We developed a ONE-OF-A-KIND solution that provides organizations with unprecedented, intelligence agency grade security.

We partnered with paying design partners, global market-leaders representing increasing demand for our unique solution.

We have created a moat with unique technology and no competition in sight.


Our prediction has been fully realized. The number of businesses being exploited by sophisticated attacks today reinforces the demand for our solution.


Our mission is to become the gold standard of cyber-security for businesses, by helping organisations work securely and conveniently from anywhere, knowing that their most valuable information is safe.

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