KAZUAR strives to provide organizations with peace of mind – Cybersecurity as a service that enables you to work securely and conveniently from anywhere, while thwarting even the most sophisticated attacks.

KAZUAR’s Approach

KAZUAR’s founders were among the first to realize that the proliferation of powerful nation-state, offensive cyber capabilities creates unprecedented level of risk. They were convinced that these new threats would render the existing cyber security approach useless. We at KAZUAR believe that the current model of separate security products to protect different parts of IT systems is a case of “Failure by Design”.

To address the escalating cyber arms race, we adopted a concept from leading intelligence organizations, and created a self-contained, secure work environment. Instead of simply developing another “cure” for a particular threat, KAZUAR designed a complete holistic “Immune System” to address the entire threat. With KAZUAR BLACK organizations no longer have to deal with a patch-work of security products, and can focus on growing their business.


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KAZUAR Advanced Technologies

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