KAZUAR's Vision

KAZUAR provides an unprecedented level of cyber protection against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks, which have become the greatest strategic risk to businesses - allowing you to work securely and conveniently from anywhere, knowing that your information is safe.

KAZUAR’s Approach

KAZUAR’s founders were amongst the first to realize that the proliferation of powerful nation-state, offensive cyber capabilities creates unprecedented levels of risk. We were convinced that these new threats would render existing cyber security approaches useless.


In the business sector, KAZUAR foresaw the radical shift in cybersecurity threats: Companies whose biggest concern was attacks by hackers would find themselves facing attacks by state-actors as well as global leading criminal organizations that acquired state-grade capabilities.


We knew that currently available technologies were simply not designed to thwart state-grade offensive capabilities, leaving even the most secure companies exposed. A new paradigm of cybersecurity was called for. This led us to establish KAZUAR and develop the KAZUAR Black – A comprehensive cyber-security solution.


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KAZUAR Advanced Technologies


Tel Aviv office:

126 Yigal Alon St., Tel-Aviv

Phone: +972-3-903-5838

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