KAZUAR BLACK, an end-to-end hardware and software solution designed to protect any organization’s most sensitive information. The solution includes KAZUAR very fine designed high-end laptops and KAZUAR Fortress – a secure backend server.

While the solution does not alter the way the organization operates, it does provide intelligence-agency grade security, and offers a level of cyber security that no combination of existing products can offer.

Employees use secure KAZUAR laptops with dual environments.
By selecting the BLUE environment, they can surf the web, and conduct non-sensitive business or personal activities.
With a click of a button, they can switch to the BLACK Environment which connects to the organization’s most sensitive information on a secure and obfuscated server – the KAZUAR Fortress.

KAZUAR End Point

Smartphones, essential for personal and business communications, are hackable, while current apps and tools do not adequately secure privileged communication.


The KAZUAR PHONE address the worst of these threats with a comprehensive security solution to prevent eavesdropping, cyber-attacks, geo-location tracking and theft scenarios.


KAZUAR PHONE customers can safely conduct encrypted phone calls and text conversations, send and receive encrypted e-mails, and access the information stored in the KAZUAR LITE Fortress.

Secure Black mode

In BLACK mode the user works in the secure organizational environment on the Fortress, accessing sensitive company data, information, or operations. While working in the secure BLACK mode no information is stored on the KAZUAR client.
To maintain the security of the Fortress, information that comes in and out is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it is benign.


KAZUAR End Point

The KAZUAR secure endpoint allows multiple work environments to coexist on the same hardened hardware. Communication between the two environments is managed by proprietary security protocols.
The inputs and outputs are cryptographically secured to prevent any attacks via the keyboard or display.

Secure Blue mode

The BLUE mode is equivalent to a normal desktop for day-to-day use, including surfing the internet, interacting on social media and conducting any personal transactions.
The user can transfer data from the BLUE to BLACK mode via the automated cleansing mode.



The Fortress is a secure private cloud offering a virtualized infrastructure with high emphasis on privacy and security. The Fortress can be offered as a managed service or deployed on-premises

Insider Attacks

The Fortress provides unique protection against highly malicious and sophisticated insider attacks (“Snowden Scenario”)

Zero Trust

KAZUAR Fortress assumes a “zero-trust approach” towards both data-at-rest and runtime execution

Data retention approach

KAZUAR's proprietary data retention and access approach, confines infrastructure attacks, detects an on-going compromise and slows down potential attackers

Managed solution

KAZUAR offers its cloud as a fully managed service, or as an on-premise solution


KAZUAR for Business

Small and medium businesses with highly sensitive information and assets encounter high levels of cyber threat. They are susceptible because they do not have the capital to invest in heavy infrastructure and do not possess the necessary cyber security knowledge.

KAZUAR offers small and medium businesses a peace of mind with a fully managed service to secure their organization with intelligence level security. This fully managed service enables the business to completely outsource its IT and security infrastructure, to KAZUAR, from keyboard to cloud.

This solution as a service offering allows your organization to avoid any unnecessary infrastructure investment and completely concentrate on your business


KAZUAR for Business

For most organizations, their “critical data” represents less than 10 per cent of the data they hold. Losing this small amount of data, however, affects their operations, reputation and even shareholder value. The theft or misuse of these critical assets can literally cripple a company.
KAZUAR protects the critical assets of the organization with intelligence-agency level security for discrete projects or specific departments.

KAZUAR use cases for enterprise include:

  • Securing work environments for critical departments such as M&A or R&D

  • Working securely in compromised scenarios, such as travel

  • Securing sensitive projects executed by a subcontractor or other third party

  • Differentiating secure value-added services for significant customers

  • Perform extremely secure, high value payments.


Uniquely protected by KAZUAR

Privilege Escalation
Screen Grabbers
HDD Theft
Hypervisor Compromise
Hypervisor vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access and allow guests to break into the hypervisor
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Other common threats protected by KAZUAR

  • Spear phishing

  • Drive-by-attacks

  • Ransomware

  • Persistent attacks

  • Watering hole attacks

  • Privilege escalation

  • Targeted attacks

  • Insider threat

  • Mobile workers

  • Email attachments

  • Live Intelligence & Remediation

  • Threat discovery

  • Unauthorized file transfers

KAZUAR Patenting

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