Which types of companies is KAZUAR’s solution designed for?

Our solution is geared towards companies for which information security, privacy, and integrity is a top priority and risk - companies that can’t afford to be breached.

Why must I replace laptops? I prefer a software solution.

Unfortunately, existing commercial laptops suffer from “failure by design”. They are simply not designed to protect against highly sophisticated and targeted threats. This means that even with an integration of the best security products in the market, you remain exposed, and will not be able to stop sophisticated targeted attacks. This risk increases significantly when working remotely, endangering the most sensitive IP and confidential information.

How can I be sure that you can actually provide the level of security you promise?

The solution and its security is continuously audited and validated, by independent external parties. In addition to sharing this detailed information with you, we invite you to test the solution yourself. We will be delighted to allow you to conduct your choice of penetration-testing, simulating the most sophisticated of attacks.

Why should I trust KAZUAR with my information? How can I trust former senior members of the Israeli intelligence community? How can I be sure that you don’t have a back-door?

We advise you to trust no-one with your information. Therefore, we built the system based on zero trust privacy, ensuring you have complete control of the encryption keys. This was put in place to protect your information and privacy, not only from both external and internal parties, but also from us. We would be delighted to liaise with your security and privacy experts, to provide you with complete certainty that the encryption keys and data stay in your sole control.

I’m mainly concerned by Insider attacks. How does your solution protect me?

We protect against both external hacks and insider attacks. We work on the assumption that any organization may have inside attackers, with high levels of motivation and sophistication, and we provide unique built-in protection against such scenarios.

How much training is required?

No cyber training or cyber expertise is required. The system is simple to use, user-friendly, and business-friendly. It protects against both insider attacks and human error. We understand that our customers are leading organizations that need both performance and security and our users are busy executives and employees who have no time to waste, and do not wish to become cyber experts.

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