Design Partnership

The program

As part of our product development, we are offering selected organizations the opportunity to use our solution, to evaluate the value it provides to their businesses and return feedback that will influence the final KAZUAR BLACK solution we will take to market in early 2019. The chosen organizations will explore KAZUAR’s holistic platform, test its security capabilities, performance and user experience. Additionally, our design partners will benefit from a preferred commercial proposition, should they decide to proceed to implementation following the design partnership.

What is involved?

We are looking to collaborate with partners with whom we are able to create a simulation of agreed real-world scenarios over 4-6 months, so they can test and scrutinize the solution in a risk-free environment. The simulation will not impact existing operations and does not risk any valuable information being exposed to threats.

If you are selected to join the program, the process will closely map on to the way you operate today. This means you can evaluate both the user experience and security aspects in a realistic way, while we will be able to tailor the solution to your requirements. When creating the scope of the project for the design partnership, we will implement a list of agreed key performance indicators to measure the success of the process.

Use cases of the partnership will be decided together to reflect the most relevant activity of your organization.


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