Introducing intelligence-grade security to businesses


Your work is valuable

It deserves KAZUAR protection

KAZUAR enables customers to work securely and conveniently from anywhere, while enjoying the intelligence-grade security needed to thwart even highly sophisticated, targeted, state-backed attacks.

We offer a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution including secure endpoints and cloud, with on-prem option.

With KAZUAR you no longer have to deal with a patch work of security products and can instead focus on what you do best – Grow your business.

Why do businesses require intelligence-grade security?



Holistic hardware and software solution including everything that you need 



Thwart even the most sophisticated state -level attacks



Don’t change the way you work - exceptional user experience 

Always available

Always available

Secure access to your most sensitive information from everywhere  - travel, home and even compromised wifi


Peace of mind

Business continuity even under compromise


Freedom to work

Forget about cyber security and focus on growing your business 


Security by design

KAZUAR Black provides organizations that can’t
afford to be breached with an end-to-end hardware
and software solution to protect their most
sensitive information.

KAZUAR Black is designed to provide a cohesive, integrated solution, with particular emphasis on intelligence-grade security requirements without impacting on how the organization works. We provide a level of security that no combination of existing products can offer.

Soon to be announced

About us

KAZUAR’s founders foresaw the proliferation of powerful nation-state, offensive cyber capabilities and became convinced that this new threat level would render the existing cyber security approach useless.

To address this escalating arms race we created a self-contained, secure work environment. Instead of simply developing another “medicine” for a particular threat, KAZUAR designed a complete holistic “Immune System” including hardware, software and secure cloud.

Meet the KAZUARS'

Our team has decades of offensive and defensive cyber experience in senior positions in both the government and corporate arena. As ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’, KAZUAR is using this intelligence experience, alongside word-leading knowledge of cryptography, to develop an approach to cyber security that includes every level of the human, hardware, software stack, from keyboard to cloud. We believe that anything is possible.

We share passion, determination, and commitment to bring an urgently needed new approach to an escalating cyber security problem.

Partnership with Intel

KAZUAR was chosen for its vision and innovative technology, to participate in Intel’s Ingenuity Partner Program (IPP). We have nurtured a close strategic relationship that includes deep technological and business cooperation.

This unique relationship allows KAZUAR to leverage Intel’s knowledge and reach, as it continues to develop and validate new cybersecurity innovations.